Deershorn owner, Steve Mudgett, competes in the New England Taxidermy Convention in Connecticut every year. He competed at the professional level in 2017, and was mentioned by Bob Watkins of Millbury. Steve has over 30 years of hunting and farming experience, and has been around wild animals his entire life. He is a perfectionist and the pieces that he creates are consistently referred to as “astounding”.  His craftsmanship will get your attention, and his care and attention to detail will keep you coming back!

  • Deer

  • Elk

  • Bears

  • Foxes

  • Coyotes

  • Moose

  • Bobcats

  • Much More!


Steve is a fanatic when it comes to animal hides, doing all of his own work. The sooner you skin the animal and get the hide to him, the better the results. This is because he can quicker preserve the original quality of the animal before any kind of deterioration. Having been in the industry, Steve is also connected with other top taxidermy experts in the area and can always send out specialty work if need be.

World Class Taxidermy

Steve Mudgett has over 30 years experience in hunting and farming. He’s competed in taxidermy at the pro level and is ready to take on your next project!